School News

School News

Feb 19 - 23


Monday - Family Day

  • No School


  • Girls Basketball Practice 3-5
  • 5/6 Basketball Team Practice at Lunch
  • Grade 6 at Confirmation Retreat - All Day at OLPH Parish


  • Recreation and Leadership to ARC in the PM
  • Northstar Football presentation
  • Grades 1-3 Skating at ARC in PM
  • Wonderful Wednesday Session with Coach Sonora
  • Boys Basketball Practice
  • Curling practice at ARC 4pm-5pm


  • Girls Gold Medal Final Basketball Game @ St. Theresa at 5:30
  • Boys Bronze Medal Final Basketball Game @ Holy Spirit at 5:30
  • Curling Practice at ARC 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Father Jim is into visit 8:15-9:15


  • Grade 5&6 Curling Tournament at Glen Allan Recreation Centre
  • Boys and Girls Basketball at the Fort Saskatchewan Christian Basketball Tournament!!  
  • Valeda House is visiting Student Government at lunch recess to discuss more about the project


Upcoming Dates:


February 26 Grade 8 Visit to ABJ

February 27 CTF Round 3 - Last Class!!

February 28 Pink Shirt Day - ABJ Open House

March 1 5/6 Basketball Tournament at Holy Redeemer

March 2 PD Day - No School

March 7 Early Dismissal - Open House at 6:30


Parent Notes:

  • Weather Information - when the temperature dips below -20 C with the windchill, we keep our students inside for recess.  However, if it is -20 or -19, they still go outside, so please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for being outside for 15-25 minutes.  Also, our grade 5-8 students who are walking to the Ardrossan Recreation Centre will also go using the same guidelines and should be dressed accordingly - boots, touque, mitts, scarf, ski-pants all help.  Thanks.
  • As many parents are aware our Sherwood Park schools are looking at re-configuration for some of the schools.  The options that are currently under review are listed on the district webpage, click here - Reconfiguration in Sherwood Park
  • The district is seeking feedback regarding these options and the Trustees will be reviewing them at the end of February at their next board meeting.  Future surveys will becoming out to parents of potentially affected schools.
  • February 2018 Newsletter is here

Gospel Reading

Mark 9:2-10

Jesus is transfigured in the presence of Peter, James, and John.

Family Connection

Every family has special moments that they remember and share again and again. In sharing these stories, the meaning and importance of these events develop and deepen over time. This is how it was with the disciples’ remembrance of Jesus’ Transfiguration. The full significance of what they had seen and experienced could only be understood after Jesus’ death and Resurrection. As they told other believers about this event and recorded the story for us in the Bible, our understanding of what it means to call Jesus God's own Son has also deepened.

As you gather as a family, think about some special family memories that your family tells over and over again. Talk about why these memories are important to you. Recall that in the Bible we find many important memories about Jesus that have been recorded for us so that we can believe that Jesus is God’s Son. Read today’s Gospel, Mark 9:2-10. What do we learn about Jesus from this Gospel? (He fulfills the promises God made to Israel through the Law and the prophets. God glorified Jesus in his Resurrection. Jesus is God’s Son.) Conclude in prayer together that as we continue to read the Bible, we will deepen our understanding of and our love for Jesus. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer.


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