Academy Programs for Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Academy Programs

These programs offer a unique learning opportunity for our students to learn the Alberta Education curriculum through the lens of fine arts or recreation and leadership. Essentially, students will learn the outcomes for physical education, fine arts, religion and health in their specific Academy program.

The Academy program philosophy is based on the principle that students will be more engaged in their learning when they are offered educational opportunities that reflects their interests, either in through a fine art and leadership focus or a recreation and sport focus.  By providing students with these unique learning opportunities, they are likely to be more engaged in school which will result in an increase in learning - our ultimate goal!

The Academy program is less concerned about a students grade, and more about their interests as a person.  This is reflected by the student-centered approach the teachers have with their Academy groups, as they plan their year of exciting activities, topics, projects, community involvement and/or performances with their students.  It is difficult to determine all of the amazing activities that our students will participate in during the year, because our students will be key to planning.  But we can certainly suggest that there will be many fantastic learning opportunities for all of the students who are involved.

Potential Activities for Academy Programs:

Fine Arts Academy - drama, music (guitar), visual arts (painting, sketching, etc), field trips, performances and productions!  Fine Art Academy students will also have the opportunity to be engaged in teaching younger students new skills and strategies.

Recreation and Leadership Academy - team and individual sports (such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, flag football, gymnastics, hockey), health and wellness activities such as nutrition, fitness training, and leadership opportunities through participating in teaching others games and sports, or health related programs.


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Holy Redeemer Recreation Academy

Check out the video about our Holy Redeemer Recreation Academy! 

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